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Ironforge, Capital City of Dun Morogh

Many Dwarven strongholds fell during the Second War, but Ironforge was not among them. It has never been breached in its long history. Carved from the breathing heart of the Khaz Modan Mountains themselves, it is an engineering marvel standing in resplendent praise to Dwarven ingenuity and talent.

If you travel to Ironforge by road, the first thing you will notice upon reaching the Gates of Ironforge is the sheer size of … well, everything. Soaring heights, lofty reaches, living rock carved into great solid buildings, Ironforge gives am impression of timeless security and strength.

Ironforge is the Capital of the Dwarven lands and the main center of commerce for a very large area of the Eastern Kingdoms. It is a world renowned center for blacksmithing, armor, and weaponry. Now the adopted home of the Gnomes as well, it has become a multicultural city and offers a wide range of engineering expertise and products. A large and bustling bank, international auction house, inns, top schools and training, and numerous shops attract people from many countries. Flights directly into the heart of the city make day trips fast, easy, and affordable.

A Walking Tour of Ironforge

The City is laid out in a circular fashion with several outlying sections connected by tunnels or large entrance ways all built around a large central area called the Great Forge. Upon entering from the Gates of Ironforge, you may travel either left or right, both options depositing you into The Commons, a large and spacious public area.

We will turn right and start our tour of Ironforge heading east after entering the city. We will travel first along the outside rim and visit the various sections of the city until we return to The Commons. Then we will venture into the heart of the City and finish up in the central Great Forge area.

If at any time you find yourself lost or unable to find what you are looking for, remember Ironforge, like all the Dwarven lands, is very well patrolled with highly trained and very kind guardsmen. Although trained for battle these fine dwarven officers do not hesitate to act as tour guilds and will readily help you to find your destination.

The Commons

As you enter Ironforge you find yourself in the Commons. A vast public area devoted to commerce and the necessities of doing business in Ironforge. Used as a meeting and gathering place for locals and visitors alike, it’s a great place to indulge in that favorite pastime, people watching. People come to The Commons not only to see, but to be seen. From unusual animals to extraordinary fashions the most fabulous and brightest congregate here to show off their prized possessions. An afternoon spent loitering in this area is sure to delight you with many impromptu and entertaining events, and professionals of all sorts ply their trades here and offer up their skills.

In the Commons you will find the draped in blue International Auction House, The Vault of Ironforge with its red and gold facade, mail services, and some of the finest baked goods anywhere. Myra Tyrngaarde has been selling her fabulous breads and pies in The Commons for as long as anyone can remember. She is easy to spot in her perennial white blouse and long yellow skirt. Her tell we sent you!

The southwest side of The Commons holds only the International Auction House flanked on either side by the towering entrances to the city.

One the northeast side you will find The Ironforge Vault centered directly across from the Auction House, with mail services available at the door. To the south of the Vault is the Ironforge Armory, selling fine light and heavy armor. To the north of the Vault you will find Steelfury’s Weapon Emporium.

To either side of the Commons are wide curving avenues arching east and west that lead to the other sections of the city.

East Arm Avenue of the Commons

Upon entering the city we will turn right and enter the eastern arm of the Commons Avenues. The first thing you will see on this side of the avenue is the Ironforge Visitor’s Center. If you’re looking to join an Alliance Guild or are hatching plans to start your own dynasty, this is the place you’re looking for. You will be able to work with on site designers to create and have your own guild tabards produced here too.

Directly across the avenue from the Visitor’s Center you’ll see Fizzlespinner’s General Goods. Fillius Fizzlespinner has a wide variety of trade and general good items always in stock. You’ll find everything from threads to spices to vials and blacksmithing supplies. There are also camping supplies, small weapons and ammunitions, and an on site bag specialists.

Right next door to the Visitor’s Center you’ll find the studio of that amazing sculptor The Grand Mason Marblesten of the Royal Stone Cutters Union. Find the time to drop by his studio which he kindly keeps open for passing visitors. I am sure you’ll be delighted to watch this master in action as he works on whatever current piece has grabbed his attention. He’ll allow you wander around the studio to see other works on the premises too, although he often is too absorbed in his work to chat. The rest of this arm of the Commons Avenues is devoted to some majestic private homes.

The Military Ward

Ironforge has a large military presence and one section of the city is devoted to such concerns. The fine patrols that keep all of Dun Morogh safe to travel are trained here. World class trainers, warriors, and enlistment services are available. A pub, Bruuk’s Corner, with a large variety of drinks makes it easy to rest a while when visiting this fascinating part of the city, and it offers mail service on its doorstep. First class weapons and armor can be bought here, and you’ll always find Songar Cliffbeard roaming the plaza in the Military Ward. He provides some of the finest cuts of meat in the city for both you and your favorite pet.

The Hall of Arms, a large and imposing building in the southeastern part of the Ward, offers the best in warrior and hunter training, as well as an excellent stabling service for your pets. Inside you will find the following personalities of note, all of whom are ready to chat with visitors who frequent the Hall.

Warrior Trainers

Bilban Tosslespanner
Kelstrum Stonebreaker
Kelv Sternhammer

Hunter Trainers

Olmin Burningbeard
Regnus Thundergranite
Daera Brightspear

Stable Master Ulbrek Firehand offers the best in care for your pet while you visit the city.

Pilot Longbeard of the Ironforge Siege Brigade is custodian of a fascinating collection of war machines housed at the back and lower level of the Hall. Entrance is free, you may browse at will.

If you are eager to do your part in Horde skirmishes you will find all the major recruitment officers in the Hall of Arms.

Alterac Valley Battle Master: Glordrum Steelbeard
Arathi Basin Battle Master: Donal Osgood
Warsong Gulch Battle Master: Lylandris

Some Shops of Particular Note

Goldfury’s Hunting Supplies (next door to Bruuk’s Corner Pub)
Timberline Arm’s (just south of the Hall of Arms)
Craghelm’s Plate and Chain (the same corner as Timberline’s)


Tinkertown is the heart of the Gnomish section of the City and as the entrance to the Deeprun Tram to Stormwind it is one of the more bustling and busy areas of Ironforge.

In Berryfizz’s Potions and Mixed Drinks you can find some of the best in Alchemy training and a large selection of alchemy supplies on sale. Journeyman Alchemist Vosur Brakthel and Expert Alchemist Tally Berryfizz offer classes daily.

Springspindle Fizzlegear offers Artisan Engineering training from his shop Springspindle’s Gadgets. He has put together a full range of training opportunities by taking on the Quikswitch sisters Jemma and Trixie to offer Journeyman and Expert training. His shop is fully stocked with a wide range of engineering supplies.

Right outside the shop you find a small forge available for on-the-spot blacksmithing use.

Things That Go Boom has a lovely and entertaining supply of fireworks available for all your special occasions.

Mail service is available as you enter the tunnel for the Deeprun Tram service and just beside it you will find the office of the Alliance Cloth Quartermaster and Gnomeregan representative Bubulo Acerbus.

Officer Porterhouse can be found in Tinkertown accepting Gnomeregan Commendations each day.

Perhaps the most astonishing part of Tinkertown is that you will usually find the King of Gnomes, High Tinker Mekkatorque himself spending his days here. You can see him with his two trusted friends Tinkermaster Overspark, who is a Master Engineer, and the Master Mechanic Castpipe.

The Hall of Explorers

Continuing along our circular route of Ironforge we come next to the Hall of Explorers. Far from the bustle and crowds of the Commons the Hall of Explorers contains The Library, a great collection of information, access to some notable personalities, and a wondrous collection of fossils and artifacts. You will not want to visit Ironforge and miss taking in this historical part of the City.

As you enter the Library you may be met by Curator Thorius on his rounds. Take a moment to stop and look up; you’ll not want to miss the intact Pteradon skeleton uncovered in the Un’Goro Crater. Continue along straight ahead and you will come to a large vaulted circular room filled to brimming with the collected knowledge of the Dwarven race. Librarian Mae Paledust of the Explorers League, world famous Prospector Stormpike, Historian Karnik, and Advisor Belgrum are all on hand here most days and are happy to share their particular areas of expertise with Library visitors.

Leaving the main Library collection and turning to the right, or north, you will find a lovely collection of Uldaman relics, remnants from the second war and artifacts attributed to the Night Elves. Turning left, south, instead would have brought you to a collection of skeletons and remains of some of the most outstanding of Azerothian creatures, not the least of which is the skeletal head of what is believed to be the consort of Dragonqueen Alextrasza.

This section of Ironforge is generally quiet and peaceful and is not to be missed in any visit to this magnificent Dwarven City.

The Forlorn Cavern

Continuing north, or more northwest now as we follow the curve of the city, we enter the Forlorn Cavern. A rough and seeming unfinished part of Ironforge, it gives the impression of being dark and secretive. If you fancy a walk on the wild side, this may be just the section of Ironforge you’ve been looking for. Be careful here, travel in groups when possible and always keep your eyes open. Some of Ironforge’s shadier personalities are often found wandering the darkened corners of the Forlorn Cavern.

Immediately to your left upon entering from the Hall of Explorers, you will see a large flight of stairs. While you will find no signage indicating it, inside is a very highly esteemed house for the training of rogues. The likes of Hulfan Blackbeard, Ormyr Flinteye, and Fenthwick make it a habit to frequent the house to share their rather specialized knowledge; for a fee. Also usually nearby you will find the “Dealer” Tynnus Venompsrout and his sometimes questionable wares.

Across the way and to the right of the tunnel entrance is the home of Demon Trainer Jubal Corpseseeker. Jubal works from his home and again you will find no signs indicating that a business is being run on the premises. With the Warlock trainers next door I am of the opinion that most of this business arrives through word of mouth.

Just past Jubal’s home and up the next flight of stairs is the headquarters of the Warlock Trainers of Ironforge. Here Alexander Calder, Briarthorn, and Thistleheart offer their services to those seeking dark training. You will often see a rather formidable character keeping them company going by the name of Gerrig Bonegrip.

Right across from a pristine underground pond you will find the shop the Traveling Fisherman to buy fishing supplies and even take classes should you need them. Proprietor Grimnur Stonebrand and his lovely Tansy Puddlefizz acted on a stroke of genius in setting up shop in this quiet and peaceful part of Ironforge. It’s the best little lure house in town. But the local sense of humor is very evident in their choice of location... because you can no longer fish in the pond that 'lured' you in in the first place; although recent information tells me that the pond is being restocked to the joy of  local fishermen.

Making your way out of the Forlorn Cavern and next door to the Traveling Fisherman is Stoneblade’s where you’ll find a decent selection of daggers and swords.

The Mystic Ward

Immediately upon entering the Mystic Ward you will notice the large decorative pond directly ahead of you and in the center of the Ward and to its right the brilliant white stone and gold façade of the Hall of Mysteries. The Mystic Ward is the well known haunt of those who play with the magics of our world.

On the right just as you enter you will see the sign for Maeva’s Mystical Apparel. Dazzling robes, coordinated outfits, and a lovely selection of hats makes Maeva’s a favorite shop in the area.

In the corner next to Maeva’s you’ll find the private home of Talvash del Kissel. Talvash is well known as something of a character. A very friendly fellow you will find him on his porch nearly all day and always ready to chat with any passer by.

Lying between Talavsh’s home and the Hall of Mysteries is the private home of Tymor. Tymor has a charming place and has been known to make a room available to out of town visitors. If you’re looking for something cozier, and quieter, than the local inn, Tymor’s may be just the place for you. With fishing available practically next door in the Forlorn Cavern you may want to check early for availability.

Next we enter the Hall of Mysteries. This white and gold beauty is dedicated to magic and the power of faith. Upon entering you will find to your left ranks of priest trainers as well as High Priest Rohan. On the left are three mage trainers including the charming Dink and Bink. There is also a portal trainer on hand for those able to learn this helpful talent. Up a small flight of stairs proudly stand two paladin trainers. Taking a sharp right you will see rising along the tower walls, for that is what you are in-a tower, a ramp curving to a second level. Upstairs are the Masters of each of the schools taught below. The center of this level looks down into the hall below, and the balcony has a breathtaking view of the entire Ward. Don’t forget to look up to the intricate detail of the runed ceiling towering above you. Whether or not you hope to train in any of these particular schools of magic, a visit to the lovely Hall of Mysteries is worth the time.

Upon leaving the Hall of Mysteries and continuing our journey west, we see next door, the shop called The Fighting Wizard. As the name so graphically tells us, it’s a shop specializing in weaponry used by the students studying in this Ward.

Directly across the plaza from The Fighting Wizard you will see Longberry’s Reagents (ree-a-gents). Inside are the “tools of the trade” for the students of the Mystic Ward. You will also find Bimble Longberry of the same family plying her trade of fresh fruit, imported from the forests of Elywnn, to students and visitors alike throughout the Mystic Ward.

West Arm Avenue of the Commons

Leaving the Mystic Ward and going full circle now we enter the west arm avenue leading us back to the Commons. On the left hand side you will find a lovely self catering home placed far enough from the Commons to allow you a good nights rest and yet close enough to be a short stroll to many of your shopping needs.

On the right a little further up you will arrive at the Stonefire Inn. Serving a wide range of meats and drinks and being so close to The Commons, it’s a popular hang out. Mail service is provided right outside the door.

Next door and on the very edge of The Commons you’ll find Barim’s Reagents (ree-a-gents).

To the City’s Heart and The High Seat

From The Commons there are two narrow halls, like long thing arms, that lead to the Great Forge of the City. We are going to take the southern one and head out on our last leg of our tour. Just to the east of Steelfury’s Emporium you will see a small arched entrance way guarded by an Ironforge Guardsman – that will lead us to where we’re headed. Once you’ve arrived in the Great Forge area make a left turn and stop when you find yourself centered between the Great Forge and The High Seat.

Enter The High Seat if you’ve a taste for rubbing shoulders with Royalty, for in here you will find none other than King Magni Bronzebeard himself holding audience for any who venture in. He is usually in the company of Senator Barin Redstone and the Royal Historian Archesonus. You will also often see the lovely courtier Deliana hover around the place.

That such high born personages make themselves available to all and sundry is a true indication of the welcome and hospitality of the Dwarven race.

The Great Forge

Leaving The High Seat will bring you face to face with the Great Forge itself. This is the hub of Ironforge; a ceaseless buzz of activity greets you any time of the day or night. In The Great Forge you will find the greatest blacksmiths, armorsmiths, and weaponsmiths in all of Azeroth. You may buy smithing supplies on site and there is a vast forge available to crafters.

Great reputations are forged here as well as fine swords. Astounding fortunes have been won or lost standing where you are now. The quality of the products leaving The Great Forge has won battles and saved the lives of countless people. Whether known or unknown to visitors here, there are few lives in the Alliance that are untouched by the never ending activity of The Great Forge in the heart of Ironforge.

The Inner Ring

The Great Forge is surrounded by an inner ring of halls, with three vast boulevards leading to the three main Wards of the City- heading northwest to the Mystic Ward – heading northeast to the Hall of Explorers – and heading southeast to the Military Ward.

We will continue to the right following the pattern set when we started our tour.

Leaving the area in front of The High Seat we turn right and come first to the Ironforge Physician. Herbalists, trainers, suppliers, and first aid teachers supply all the medical needs of the City.

Our next stop will place us between the Ironforge Flight Center and a wonderful and convenient self catering home for visitors. The Flight Center, located on the inner part of the ring overlooking the Great Forge, the only thing that is, has continuous flights leaving and entering the city.

Next door is the Thistlefuzz Archanery. Here those wishing to learn fine craft of enchanting can begin their studies and continue through becoming experts. Supplies are on hand for students as well.

The Bronze Kettle, as we continue, has started some of Azeroth’s finest chefs. The master chef Daryl Riknussun now teaches only beginning classes, but it’s said that he tutelage is so fine that once a student is done with Bronze Kettle classes, a few books to continue in self study is all that’s needed to shine in the culinary world. Supplies are available to all visitors to the school.

Passing the large boulevard leading to the Hall of Explorers we next find the Deep Mountain Mining Guild. The guild has taken it upon itself to ensure the quality of mining and ores coming into the city by taking on students for a small fee. It also has a clerk who sells supplies to Guild members, students, and the general public.

Next along the outer side of the ring we find Burbik’s Supplies. Trade goods of all kinds are available year round.

At Stonebrow’s Clothier tailoring classes of many levels are offered. For home hobbyists there is a tailoring supply shop and Outfitter Eric has his Specialty Tailoring Supplies shop upstairs to cater to the needs of the most discerning tailor or seamstress.

Usually on duty just outside Stonebrow’s is Mistina Steelsheild, the Dwarven Alliance Cloth Quartermaster.

Finespindal’s Leather Goods is a full service shop and school for all things related to leather. From skinning, to crafting fine armor, to buying the tools of the trades, you’ll find it all here under the one roof.

Entering the last leg of our Great Forge circle we meet up with Officer Ironbeard who deals with Ironforge Commendations. Instead of working in an office, it’s said that Ironbeard prefers to see the “real” Ironforge and stay close to its people.

And there you have it, a walking tour of Ironforge, a Dwarven Masterpiece in Living Stone. Please don’t hesitate to share your favorite stories of visiting or living in this historic and fascinating city!

Bon Voyage!


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