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Snow covered hills of Dun Morogh

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The Commons Contain:

  • The Ironforge Vault
  • International Auction House
  • Mailbox
  • Strolling Bread Vendor
  • Steelfury’s Weapon
  • Ironforge Armory

East Arm of The Commons Contains:

  • Ironforge Visitor’s Center
  • Fizzlespinner’s General Goods

Military Ward Contains:

  • Warrior Trainers
  • Hunter Trainers
  • Stable Masters
  • Battle Masters (enter battlegrounds)
  • Goldfury’s Hunting Supplies
  • Timberline Arm’s
  • Craghelm’s Plate and Chain
  • Strolling Meat Vendor
  • Mailbox

Tinkertown Contains:

  • Entrance to Deeprun Tram
  • Alchemy Trainers and Supplies
  • Engineering Trainers and Supplies
  • Mailbox
  • Firework Sales
  • Alliance Cloth Quartermaster

Hall of Explorers Contains:

  • Library

The Forlorn Cavern Contains:

  • Rogue Trainers and Supplies
  • Warlock Trainers and Supplies
  • Demon Trainer
  • Fishing Supplies

The Mystic Ward Contains:

  • Priest Trainers
  • Mage Trainers
  • Paladin Trainers
  • Maeva’s Mystical Apparel
  • The Fighting Wizard
  • Longberry’s Reagents
  • Strolling Fruit Vendor

West Arm of the Commons Contain:

  • Stonefire Inn
  • Mailbox
  • Barim’s Reagents

Great Forge Area Contains:

  • The High Seat
  • The Great Forge, Blacksmith Trainers and Supplies
  • Ironforge Physician, Herbalist Trainers and Supplies and First Aid
  • Flight Center
  • Thistlefuzz Archanery
  • The Bronze Kettle, Cooking Trainer
  • Deep Mountain Mining Guild, Mining Training
  • Burbik’s Supplies
  • Stonebrow’s Clothier
  • Finespindal’s Leather Goods, Leatherworking Trainers, Skinning, and Supplies
  • Officer Ironbeard, Ironforge Commendations

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