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Travel Is Awesome!

At least I think so.

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Horses, hiking, bits and Bobbies - England

London's Bobbies
In 1829 Prime Minister Robert Peel established the Metropolitan Police Service. The group were quickly nicknamed "bobbies" or "peelers" after his name.

Horses in the Landscape - Statues along the way
Horses in the Landscape - Horses indoors
Horses in the Landscape - The Real Thing
"I must surely be in the most wonderful city in the world!"

Public Footpaths and Hiking in Britain
The first time I saw a sign that seemed to tell me I could climb over a farmers fence and trod through his fields, along with his cows, I was so sure I was misunderstanding things I could not bring myself to try it!

People too Nice to Forget
People I met that were too nice to forget...This page is just for you!

Some Favorite Recipes


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