Travel is Awesome

Travel Is Awesome!

At least I think so.

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Meander with Mona

In England: Horses, footpaths, bits and Bobbies
"I can no longer believe in in Heaven. God would not have created both Heaven and England; it would have been redundant."

Random Thoughts
Can one plan to be "gutsy"?

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Who is this Mona person?

One of the nicest things anyone's ever said about me:

"I spent a long weekend with Mona... I still maintain that it was my FAVORITE trip I've been on. Its SUCH an amazing adventure with Mona with you. I saw things in my own area that I had never seen or heard of.

Simply put, you think she is amazing online? Try spending a few days off-line and see if you can keep from tripping on your own tongue." - B. Jones




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