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Photo Gallery - The Chalice Well Garden, Glastonbury, England

It'd be hard to find a more welcoming sight to a peaceful garden


My first sight of Glastonbury Tor was from The Meadow at the north end of the garden


The wellhead covering the Red Spring itself

Chalice Well Spring mug
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The best souvenirs can be found at the great shop in the Garden itself, but if you've not been yet I hope our wee creations will inspire you to visit the Chalice Well Garden yourself this summer!


The Sanctuary area near the wellhead


The Lion Head Fountain is the best place to drink from the pure waters of this magical spring


A close up of the fountain


My turn to taste the energy filled water that has nourished this area for centuries


As you continue to follow the water... now looking down into the area called Arthur's Court


The stones steps leading into Arthur's Court and the small waterfall of the spring as it flows into the Healing Pool


The Healing Pool used to "take the waters" in Glastonbury


An open area where you'll find the The Vesica Piscis Pool
The Holy Thorn tree can be seen just to the right (top right of this photo)


The Vesica Piscis Pool repeats the shape found in the wellhead cover


The Red Spring waters wander their way onward


The Chalice Well Garden is filled with small secret spot of quiet and solitude


Another lovely stone stairway in the garden


Gate leading out of Arthur's Court


A lovely shady area near the wall backing on Well House Lane


The Chalice Well Garden of Glastonbury England


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